About Manazel Specialists

Who we are

Manazel Specialists is a full service portfolio management company which focuses on quality and a unique knowledge of the client's needs. At the heart of the company is a group of entrepreneurial and service oriented professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with ideas, options and strategies for a variety of challenges and market conditions, starting from conceptional designs to handover.

At Manazel Specialists, we provide life-cycle and comprehensive administrative services covering all aspects of real estate consultancy, design and implementation of related procedures and systems as well as property sales, leasing and management. We are truly a turnkey real estate partner that can adapt to any owner's portfolio and needs.

Our office and operations are built from a successful real estate service platform that has been in business in the UAE and in the region for many years providing evidence of unmatched advances in technology and unwavering dedication to customer services.

Our professional team has established a diversified client base in UAE and the region and established long-term relationships with major international and local banks, master and secondary developers, large financial houses, and private and public investors. This positions our company in the forefront with a strong ability to advise and assist clients towards success.

What we do

At Manazel specialists, we work hard to enhance the level of our customers satisfaction. We have a strong customer service philosophy and we take great pride in our reputation, integrity, and professionalism. Manazel Specialists has built up an impressively large portfolio of projects by establishing strong relationships with leading developers. This encompasses a wide choice of the region's best properties.